ProByLas is a Swiss manufacturer of advanced laser technology used to weld thermoplastic material in industrial operations where high-quality standards are required. It is commonly used in laboratories and production sites to manufacture medical devices and many other applications as automotive, sensors & electronics, appliances, or textiles.

As a specialist in the field, we are committed with our customers to support their application from concept to full scale manufacturing. We focus our resources to excel in this field and by listening our customers’ needs, it allows us to develop solutions that can meet and exceed their expectations.

Thanks to the modularity of our technology geared to provide a flexible, reliable, and still cost-effective solution to process thermoplastic materials, all our machines and optic components can be easily configured to fit the most challenging applications and the following welding processes available in the market today.

    • Contour process with a Spot Optic, which can optionally be equipped with a pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement. For foils, textiles, or thin plates, Ball or Roller Optics are used to compress the material layers without a clamping unit
    • Quasi-simultaneous process with galvo Scanner and sensors on clamping unit to measure the collapse during welding
    • Simultaneous process by special optics shaping the laser beam to the geometry of the weld seam as e.g., Ring, Line, Area, Radial, or Diffractive Optics (DOE)
    • Circumferential welding process by Radial Optics or by rotating the parts under a spot laser beam.
    • Mask welding with Line Optics, which is passed over a shadow mask above the parts to weld only those areas illuminated by the laser.

ProByLas has an extensive product portfolio from the stand-alone Turnkey S and Turnkey M welding systems to the Modula key components for special machine building and Modula Assembly configurations. They all fulfill the needs of the most demanding plastic welding applications in the industry today.

We support our customers with the migration process of their current assembly technology to laser welding (i.e., sonic welding, hot-plate welding, heat-seal and staking, vibration welding, spin welding, high-frequency welding, infrared welding, or if they use screws, rivets, snap-fits, adhesives, solvents, or glues to assemble their products).

We also welcome the opportunity to partner with research institutes, machine integrators, molders, extruders, resin suppliers and compounders on the development of new applications. We firmly recognize that the success of a company is based on the trust we earn from our customers, employees, suppliers, and other companies over time, as we consistently deliver positive results and build long-term partnerships.

ProByLas AG
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ProByLas USA, Inc.
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