The Modula Assembly Inline is a complete and compact solution that includes the necessary safety and controls to operate as a subsystem for high production environments. It consists of two main components, the Modula Control unit and the Modula Inline process cell. The Modula Control unit allows the operator to create the welding program, monitor the process, and interface with other components in the machine. The Modula Inline process cell comprises a Scanner Optic, a particular clamping unit, and housing that isolates the built-in pneumatic controls from the processing section.

The clamping unit presses onto the parts carrier and seals the welding area safely so that the Modula Assembly Inline can be operated without additional laser protection measures. A rigid mounting structure is required to adapt this unit for integration onto a transfer system or a larger rotary table to stand the clamping forces employed. Also, it is crucial to match the carrier’s design with the upper tooling at the clamping platform of the Inline process cell to create a laser-safe operation.

When this machine is integrated into automation, it offers a complete welding solution that can save valuable space on the production floor and still be robust for continuous operation. Besides the standard setup for Fast Contour or Quasi-simultaneous processes using a Scanner Optic, the Modula Assembly Inline can also be set up with a Ring Optic or DOE Optic if the goal is to weld parts Simultaneously. Thus, this configuration is ideal for high-speed assembly lines with large production volumes and limited access to an operator.