The Turnkey S is unique in its size and flexibility on the market. Despite its compact design, this machine can incorporate all Modula Optics to set up the different welding processes. The control system, laser, and cooling are installed inside an electrical cabinet on the backside of the machine. A pneumatic safety door (electric and manual also available) on the front allows access to the welding area. Additionally, a complete lift-gated cover gives access to the end-user for application setup or maintenance activities. A rotary table is available in manual, pneumatic, and electric versions for higher volume operations and machine cycle optimization.

The machine’s configuration depends on the parts to weld and the customer requirements.  It can be equipped with different laser powers and motions systems. With an X-Y servo-axis for Contour Process, it is possible to cover a welding area of 150×100 mm. An optional Z-axis offers flexibility on the height of parts that can be welded. On the other hand, when the plan is to use a Scanner Optic to perform Fast Contour or Quasi-simultaneous operation, an area of up to 100×100 mm is possible. The clamping unit can be configured at different heights and equipped with additional sensors for part detection, tooling identification, and quality process control.

The welding process can be set up manually and monitored on the touchscreen user interface. Alternatively, an additional monitor can be connected to the backside of the machine if needed. Two USB ports located at the front of the HMI allow the user to connect the keyboard and mouse or memory stick to upload or backup welding programs and process data. A secure internet connection via Ethernet can be set up for remote services and maintenance.