For custom machine building, all the essential components are available separately. For example, if parts are too large to fit into one of the stand-alone machines, Turnkey S or Turnkey M, or if the welding operation requires full automation with a short cycle time and no intervention by operators. The custom machine builder may add custom-specific modules from third parties to handle parts (robots or transfer systems) or supplement unique process and quality analysis devices leading to a tailor-made, unique production system.

Under the product name “Modula“, different process modules as laser (A), optics (D), clamping units (B), motion systems (F), and pneumatics (E) can seamlessly work together controlled by the ProByLas software (C) to meet the needs of the welding process. All the machine integrator needs to complete is the parts handling in and out of the machine and safety.

The Modula Laser and Control unit (A) is the central component of the Modula product family. It includes the laser module, the system control, interfaces, and control elements. The welding process is set up and monitored during operation on the built-in touchscreen at the front of the unit. Optionally keyboard, mouse, and memory stick can be connected on the front side of Modula and an additional larger monitor on the backside. The digital/analog inputs and outputs for automation are also located on the backside. The safety controls for emergency stop and two-channel interlock can be configured in different ways allowing integration up to the highest performance level according to EN13849 standard.

The Modula components can also be operated stand-alone as open systems, e.g., in a development lab environment. These Modula Assembly Lab need to be in a separate room, and users wear appropriate personal safety equipment like laser safety goggles.