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NS Medical Devices is a dynamic web platform that is powered by the intelligence and expertise of the print products within NS Group’s medical device division.

NS has existed for over
100 years


Medical Device Developments

The medical device and diagnostic industry is currently valued at over $350 billion. Technological advances in medical device and diagnostics design are driven by an increasingly demanding market and legislative requirements. A growing patient population and a worldwide governmental drive towards preventive therapies are also fuelling the development of innovative devices. Medical Device Developments is published in response to the increasing information needs of the major global medical device manufacturers/OEMs. The publication, which is published biannually, will incorporate authoritative reviews of current trends and emerging technologies, and provide the industry’s decision-makers with clear, concise and unbiased technical articles and case histories on cutting-edge developments, products and applications, drawing on the expertise of leading engineers and designers from around the globe.

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