The Turnkey M is based on the same modular design framework as the Turnkey S, just upscaled to fit more significant parts. All the Modula Optics and laser modules with different power capacities can be integrated into this larger platform to meet the requirements of most welding applications today. With X, Y servo-axis motion controls, parts up to 470×470 mm can be welded in Contour Process and with a Scanner Optic instead, up to 350×350 mm for Quasi-simultaneous Process.

The laser, control modules, and electrical cabinet are located at the lower half of the machine. The clamping unit, motion system, and optics can be freely accessed from the upper section using the two large side or rear doors. All the doors in the upper half are continuously monitored for safety with interlock sensors. The electrical cabinet in the lower section is separated laser-safe and can also be opened in operation for servicing.

During the welding operation, a safety door and drawer can be manually, pneumatically, or electrically actuated to load and unload the parts in the machine. Also, a rotary table is available in manual and electric versions for high production throughput.

The ergonomic tilting design of the main HMI located on the upper front of the machine lets the operator set up and monitor the welding process comfortably.  If needed, two USB ports from the operating table can connect to an external keyboard and mouse for sitting operation. An Ethernet port located at the back of the Turnkey M can connect the system to a local network (LAN) and transfer data to a server or remotely troubleshoot the system.