Swiss accurate healthcare products supplier ForaCare Suisse has entered into a service-oriented partnership with B. Braun, a German medical and pharmaceutical device company, with initial plans to launch a new glucose monitoring system.

31Jan - Fora

Image: FORA Advanced pro GD40 blood glucose monitor is clinically validated by AMCR Institute in the U.S. and is proven to meet accuracy and precision requirements of the ISO 15197:2013 and EN ISO 15197:2015. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsfoto/ForaCare Suisse AG.

The Swiss firm said that its new product FORA Advanced pro GD40 Multi-Functional Monitoring System provides a complete blood glucose testing and data solution.

The new partnership plans to offer additional services like telehealth and self-care.

The FORA Advanced pro GD40 blood glucose monitor is capable of integrating with a diabetes diary smartphone via the iFORA app, and an online infographic system via FORA Telehealth to support health monitoring system.

Braun Diabetes Care supports the total system and consolidates all the data to facilitate healthcare professionals to access on any internet-connected device.

FORA Telehealth System is a cross-platform system for secure electronic health record management which is compatible with most browsers.

ForaCare Suisse CEO Ty-Minh Tan said: “ForaCare is pleased to partner with B. Braun to offer superior tools for health management that provide advanced technology solutions for patients.

“Patients need to monitor their health whenever and wherever they are with access to their data in real time. This new complete product offering is one big step in helping patients do so in a sophisticated, yet simple way.”

FORA Advanced pro GD40 features includes a Dual-parameter meter for blood glucose & β-ketone measurements, a Built-in Bluetooth chip that manages test results using a free self-care mobile app.

The new glucose monitor is designed with easy to use one-button design and memory capacity to store 1,000 tests and a strip ejector (inspired by professionals and caregivers.

The company claims that FORA Advanced pro GD40 is clinically validated by US Institute AMCR and is proven to meet accuracy and precision requirements of the ISO 15197:2013 and EN ISO 15197:2015.

ForaCare offers free self-care applications for users like FORA HM, an app designed for multi-parameter health data management that is easy to use and easy to pair with devices. Data from measurements is automatically transmitted to a mobile device and is available for iOS and Android systems.

Ease of use and transmission of data paves way for effective chronic disease management alongside saving time and money of patients and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of medical care providers