CorTec is a medical device company located in Freiburg, Germany. We help our customers to reach their goals in therapy development by providing the needed tools. As leading experts for innovations in the field of medical engineering we are following the vision to take implantable technologies to the next level. By providing innovative technological solutions we enable you to develop highly efficient and personalized new therapies.

Our Brain Interchange System is a closed-loop brain computer interface, enabling the recording and stimulation of brain and nerve signals in long-term use. This active implantable system combines our technological strengths: electronics, encapsulation, silicone overmolding & soft and flexible grid and paddle electrodes for the brain surface or the spinal cord or cuff electrodes for interfacing the peripheral nervous system.

Based on our flexible technologies we have overcome current limitations. We are, therefore, able to offer the full range of implantable technology. All our products combine innovation, precision, and quality.

With the help of CorTec’s technology, neurological diseases and their symptoms can be addressed.