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We facilitate healthcare advances by making Roche know-how and products available to other companies. At CustomBiotech we serve as your reliable partner by providing access to raw materials, products, technologies and knowledge from Roche Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics division. Our objective is to make your idea reality.


Invest time and resources into what you do best


For everything else, rely on us. With customized development, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and filling of components, we streamline the path of your product to market. To meet unique specifications, we adapt standing products or co-develop new ones. Whatever your goal, leverage our capacity to deliver solutions that fit your business.   


Premium ingredients – the foundation of modern molecular diagnostics assays


Our broad portfolio is an optimal source of active ingredients for your diagnostic assay, from nucleic acid isolation and purification, to enzymes for amplification and nucleotides.

All ingredients are produced in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 quality standards. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and operating procedures ensure a continuous and worldwide supply at various scales, as well as exceptional lot-to-lot consistency. This translates to a smooth integration of ingredients into your workflows at any stage, from development to large-scale manufacturing.


Enabling shorter turnaround times in molecular PoC with the right reagents

The value of PoC testing lies in delivering on-the-spot results for treatment decisions. Turnaround can be shortened by boosting assay speed, especially in the case of RT-PCR and PCR-based tests.

In addition, developers of PoC diagnostics seek to simplify – if not completely eliminate – sample preparation. As a result, analyses may be exposed to PCR-inhibiting substances naturally contained in biological matrices. Roche CustomBiotech enzymes, such as KAPA3G, have been tested against a broad range of inhibitors inherent to liquid biopsies, tissues, and standard sample preparation methods, and have demonstrated robust performance even with low-processed samples.


Regulatory disclaimers are listed on the respective product page on the Roche CustomBiotech website  https://custombiotech.roche.com.

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