Smart Meter, a cellular remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions provider, has launched its iGlucose Plus glucose meter for diabetes care.

iGlucose Plus is a patented cellular-connected glucose meter designed for remote blood glucose monitoring and diabetes management. It is an upgraded model of the 2019-launched iGlucose.

The glucose meter is said to be easy to use and requires no synching, pairing, smartphone, or Wi-Fi connectivity.

US-based Smart Meter said the device easily transmits results to the patient’s provider using built-in cellular technology, enabling real-time tracking from anywhere.

The new iGlucose Plus allows patients to stay informed with essential notifications and reminders, directly on the device.

Whether automated or proactive from healthcare providers or suppliers, these alerts and notifications cover dietary guidance for healthier food choices and reminders for prescription pickups from a pharmacy.

Featuring a clear, colour LED screen, it enhances viewing of instructions and results, ensuring better patient satisfaction and adherence to testing protocols, the cellular RPM solutions provider said.

Additionally, the iGlucose Plus offers Spanish language on-screen prompts, bolstering accessibility for underserved patient populations.

Its cellular connectivity supports over-the-air software updates, empowering the addition of new features at the patient level.

Smart Meter CEO Casey Pittock said: “Smart Meter continues to invest heavily in R&D to improve our solutions to make it easier for patients to test more consistently and improve their outcomes. The new iGlucose Plus is an excellent example of that.

“Its enhanced battery life, stronger cellular connectivity, and remote programming capability—combined with our proprietary AI-driven glucose test strip auto-replenishment service—make it an exceptional value for our customers and their patients.”

Furthermore, the latest glucose meter enables patients to receive necessary attention without the need for frequent office visits using cellular networks for instantaneous result transmission.

In a study conducted at Howard University among diabetes patients, iGlucose achieved positive results.

Smart Meter claimed that the device helped 70% of high-risk participants lower their A1c levels by an average of 2.8% within 90 days.