The device acquires images with a single exposure, decreasing the dose and overall exam time


Carestream’s DRX-L Detector provides long-length images in a single shot (Credit: Business Wire)

Carestream Health, a company of Canadian investment manager Onex, has launched a new digital radiography detector, dubbed DRX-L Detector in the US and Canada.

The new digital radiography detector is designed to ensure hospitals and imaging centres specialised in long-length imaging increase their productivity while reducing both patient discomfort and dose, said the company.

Carestream Worldwide Marketing Manager Jill Hamman said: “The DRX-L Detector captures the entire long-length image dimensions, whether imaging the spine, performing a scoliosis exam or a hip-to-heel exam, with one single shot and one single exposure.

“With traditional multi-shot digital radiography and multiple detectors, the technologist has to take separate shots to image the entire spine. That takes more set-up time as well as exam time. This can pose a challenge for patients with limited mobility or a pediatric patient with scoliosis who finds it challenging to be still.”

Carestream’s DRX-L Detector captures long-length images with single exposure

Carestream’s DRX-L Detector captures long-length images to offer a large field of view and high resolution for leg-length and spine exams. The device acquires images with a single exposure, which decreases the dose and overall exam time, than examinations needing multiple exposures.

The single-shot acquisition is said to minimise discomfort by reducing the time that a patient needs to remain still. It also minimises the need for retakes and eliminates the need for the image to be manipulated and stitched due to patient movement.

The DRX-L Detector leverages the company’s ImageView Software, along with Eclipse Image Processing for high image quality and provides one unified image, avoiding the need for modification. The device also features X-Factor, which facilitates sharing with other compatible DRX equipment.

Hamman added: “When it’s very difficult for a patient to stand still or for any patient who is uncomfortable and in pain, even 15 seconds of capturing multiple diagnostic images can feel like an hour.

“This detector will allow facilities to conduct critical long-length exams efficiently and seamlessly while delivering the highest level of care with imaging, diagnosing and treatment planning for patients.”

Recently, the company introduced a new DRX-Compass X-ray system to deliver a flexible and scalable approach to digital imaging, as well as enhance workflow efficiency and reduce costs.