US-based medical technology firm GE HealthCare, through its new subsidiary MIM software, is expanding its existing collaboration with Swedish radiation therapy equipment provider Elekta.

MIM Software provides medical imaging analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) -powered solutions and was recently acquired by GE HealthCare.

The partnership between GE HealthCare and Elekta was initiated in June 2022, with a global commercial collaboration agreement for a broad radiation oncology offering to hospitals.

The current, expanded partnership aims to enhance Elekta’s radiation therapy offerings with GE HealthCare’s MIM Software medical imaging management solutions.

It aims to advance the software solutions to help improve workflows, increase throughput, and user experience for clinicians while enhancing precision and reducing hospital stays for patients.

GE HealthCare’s MIM Software CEO Andy Nelson said: “Our decision to join GE HealthCare was driven by a ‘shared vision of maximizing impact’ and our motivation for this collaboration with Elekta is no different.

“For decades, we have engaged directly with clinicians to understand their needs and bridge the divide by building solutions that streamline their clinical workflows and reduce treatment delays for patients.

“With the evolution of treatment planning software, we stand to make an impact on clinicians and patients worldwide. Now, we are excited to extend the reach of these efforts by boosting Elekta’s offerings with our vendor-agnostic solutions.”

GE HealthCare’s MIM Software portfolio, together with Elekta’s treatment planning software will enable advanced oncology treatment planning in the delivery of radiation therapy.

The collaboration is expected to transform cancer treatment planning, harnessing MIM Software and Elekta’s respective strengths in regional markets to make solutions available globally.

It complements the companies’ existing partnership and enables them to provide hospitals with a comprehensive offering across imaging and treatment for cancer patients.

GE HealthCare enables cancer screening with precision image-guided therapy using a portfolio of devices and digital solutions powered by AI.

The portfolio includes Intelligent RT (iRT), Maestro, and Discovery RT, among others.

GE HealthCare oncology general manager Ben Newton said: “GE HealthCare and MIM Software have a long history of collaborating with healthcare systems, research institutions, and our fellow medical software and technology providers to meet the most pressing needs of our customers and their patients.”

Elekta linac and software solutions president Maurits Wolleswinkel said: “While this is an exciting step for both companies it’s a significant development for radiation therapy clinics and their patients.

“This is a natural expansion of our portfolio, combining our innovative dose planning capabilities with MIM Software’s proven track record of physician-preferred tools.

“Clinically, it means delivering on improved automation and adaptive therapy planning, as well as greater speed and accuracy. And our vendor-agnostic philosophy ensures that all radiation therapy providers stand to gain from this collaboration.”