The ULPA filtration system is intended for use during administering patient care, respiratory treatments and procedures or during patient transport


SafER Medical Products System Diagram. (Credit: Business Wire.)

SafER Medical Products, formed by a team of emergency physicians, has partnered with product development firm Robrady design to create a portable negative pressure Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filtration system.

The ULPA filtration system is intended for use in a healthcare setting, for administering patient care, respiratory treatments and procedures or during patient transport.

It leverages an ultra-quiet negative pressure generator that weighs less than seven pounds, along with a family of attachments.

The new filtration system is said to transform any emergency or non-emergency healthcare setting into a negative pressure isolation environment.

Also, it offers additional protection for healthcare providers, against airborne contaminants during common treatments and life-saving aerosol-generating procedures.

Board-certified emergency physician and inventor Rick Blubaugh said: “Many common life-saving procedures that have been done for decades in medical care have been severely restricted during the pandemic due to the danger of contaminating the healthcare providers who are performing these treatments.

“We could not stand by and watch without doing something that changed the situation for our patients and colleagues. This allows us to get back to safely delivering that care when it is needed most.”

SafER Medical Products initially designed the product in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to help healthcare providers mitigate exposure from any airborne pathogens.

The system is FDA listed and is already being used by several hospitals and EMS agencies.

Physicians and scientists from Oklahoma State University, University of Missouri, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the UK’s National Physical Laboratory are currently studying the system.

SafER and Robrady teams are working together to produce and deliver the system across the US, with plans to distribute the life-saving protection system worldwide.

Other SafER products include Respiratory Shield and the Endoshield, Portable Negative Pressure System, and Vacuum Solutions that use ULPA filtration.