NTC, an R&D driven pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Italy, announces the acquisition of the license and the know-how to produce and sell TiAb and SIAB based products from NMTech UK, an R&D company focused on development of medical devices to treat skin and mucosal lesions.


Image: The acquisition reinforces NTC strong commitment to carry on wide development programs. Photo: Courtesy of rawpixel from Pixabay.

The acquisition will allow NTC to develop new TiAb and SIAB based treatments in different therapeutic areas, including gynecology, dermatology and ophthalmology.

TiAb and SIAB are made of micro-particles, based on titanium and silicon dioxide respectively, designed to enhance the natural antiseptic activity of the silver nanoparticles. Silver has antimicrobial properties and its use as anti-infective agent dates to ancient times.

“We are excited about the agreement with NMTech UK, that will offer great opportunities to NTC,” Riccardo Carbucicchio, Chairman and CEO of NTC, states. “NTC is strongly committed in fighting the spread of antibiotic resistance and in developing new antibacterial medicines for this purpose. We know and appreciate these TiAb and SIAB based products that we have successfully been trading in different countries for years. Recent evidences on their potential led us to study their development in ophthalmology, in dermatology and in gynecology. We wish to continue writing the history of TiAb and SIAB and to explore new applications,” he concludes.

This acquisition reinforces NTC strong commitment to carry on wide development programs to offer to doctors and patients new innovative antibacterial products.

Currently, the TiAb and SIAB technologies have been studied and applied in dermatology for the treatment of acne, in recovering skin lesions, in gynecology for vulvar affections and lesions. TiAb and SIAB based products act as potent antimicrobial barrier and may have many potential additional therapeutic indications.

Source: Company Press Release.