New research offers fresh evidence that a single digital therapeutics platform can improve outcomes for commonly co-occurring conditions


Dario analyzed 12 months of real-world retrospective data. (Credit: Chokniti Khongchum from Pixabay)

DarioHealth, a leader in the global digital therapeutics (DTx) market, announced the publication of a retrospective, real-world study demonstrating the impact of managing diabetes and weight together on a single digital platform at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) Conference being held April 27th – 30th in Barcelona and online.

To better understand the impact of an integrated, multi-condition digital therapeutics platform, Dario analyzed 12 months of real-world retrospective data for a group of 715 individuals using the Dario app to manage their blood sugar and demonstrating a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 30 kg/m2, the clinical baseline for obesity.

The study found that nearly two thirds of Dario participants with a BMI of more than 30 reduced their BMI by an average of 2.8 units with an average weight loss of 7.4% (p≤0.05).

In addition, the study also examined a subgroup of Dario participants with BMIs greater than 30 and high-risk blood glucose readings of more than 180 mg/dL to understand the impact on both diabetes and weight management. This subgroup also demonstrated improved clinical outcomes, reducing their weight by an average of 4.9% and reducing their average blood glucose by 16.1% over a 12-months period.

For people living with diabetes, obesity is well-known as a costly and complicating risk factor. Research has shown that compared to people living without diabetes, people living with the condition have a harder time losing weight and sustaining weight loss. Dario’s single digital therapeutics platform is designed to address multiple chronic conditions with holistic, person-centered care by making it easy for people to change their behaviors for lasting results.

“I am proud to share new evidence that Dario’s approach to providing user-centric support for common, co-occurring chronic conditions can make a significant difference for the people we help. This research, combined with our previous study showing improvements in overall health for people living with diabetes and high blood pressure, offer a compelling argument for digital solutions that prioritize a whole health experience,” said Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD., Scientific and Clinical Director at DarioHealth and supervisor of the study.

“Dario’s integrated whole health approach to chronic condition management offers a stark contrast to traditional point solutions, and research is crucial to help communicate the value of our solution. I’m very excited to publish our second set of results evaluating multi-condition outcomes, and to show once again that our impact is significant and sustainable because we are making it easy for the people we serve to change their behaviors with a simple, unified experience,” said Omar Manejwala, MD,  Chief Medical Officer at DarioHealth.

Source: Company Press Release