Protect your consumers, patients, and your brand by controlling the quality and accuracy of each label & packaging asset in a single, integrated workflow platform that can be validated for regulatory compliance.

WebCenter is a powerful and user-friendly online workflow tool that manages the process of label and artwork creation from specification to approval and distribution. It has the flexibility to handle simple projects or manage big campaigns that include multiple projects.

Improve Quality

  • Reduce manual touchpoints with automation of tasks, from file inspection and comparison to content management.
  • Add automation tasks seamlessly into the workflow process
  • Manage localization for country and regional requirements, keeping all versions in sync Increase

Visibility & Traceability

  • Centralize your labeling and content, specifications, CCDS, product data, etc. into a single platform
  • Create projects and tasks to organize work, timelines, and responsibilities for labeling creation visibility
  • Easily search for Impact Analysis (“Where Used”) and real-time views of current activity

Reduce Risk

  • Reduce CAPA’s and recalls by validating to be compliant with requirements such as GMP, FDA 21 CFR                                                                                                                                        Part 11, Eudralex EU GMO Annex 11 guidelines, and Electronic Signatures (ERES)
  • Create a systematic approach to support processes for version control for both files and content
  • Verify, track, and trace each step in your labeling and artwork process

WebCenter allows you to manage the complexity of label and artwork compliance with highly configurable workflows to match your business processes so you can increase speed-to-market. WebCenter can be easily adapted, scaled, and validated for your requirements.

With WebCenter, your entire team can collaborate and approve label and artwork content from anywhere, all with validation to maintain regulatory compliance.

Download the WebCenter for Life Science Brochure here