Esko | Brand Solutions, a Danaher company, provides a collaborative content creation platform for packaging, label, and marketing collateral. Each solution equips marketing, branding, regulatory, and packaging teams to increase productivity, reduce costs, and save time in their content processes. Brand owners can use any, or all, of the solutions and services in the platform to streamline the content process and consistently meet deadlines for marketing and packaging projects.

Between miscommunications across siloed departments, changing regulatory requirements like FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, ISO, and GAMP 5; it can be challenging to create compliant product labels, packaging, and leaflets in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life sciences industries.

Your labeling design content process needs to be validated to enable your team to create label and artwork materials that are high-quality, low-risk, and compliant. WebCenter from Esko is a collaborative workflow management tool that can be validated to guide your team through processes to create compliant content for distribution across physical and digital channels.

Whether you are creating new labels and artwork from scratch or repurposing existing content, a small change can create a significant, and sometimes unexpected, workload. So how do you reduce the time spent on creating and changing product content in the medical device, pharma, and life sciences sectors?

You start by automating and validating processes for label and packaging creation, enabling teams to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time creating compliant content.

You likely have many brilliant creatives and designers on your team. So how do you harness all that creative talent while building packaging to spec? By centralizing all your content, specifications, product data, and tasks into a single location.

A collaborative label and artwork project hub eliminates the need to send creatives on never-ending quests for materials and information just to get started on the project. With WebCenter, you can track a project with end to end visibility and deliver with confidence.

Errors are costly and potentially, life-threatening. It is estimated that over 50% of product recalls are related to labelling or packaging artwork, and over 60% of all recalls are caused by human error.

Protect your brand by taking control of the process required to deliver critical customer-facing information. Verifications, inspections, and document comparison are further powered by the integration of WebCenter with interactive compare tools.

Esko | Brand Solutions connects people, processes, and technology to meet the needs of brand owners; 9 out of 10 major brands use Esko tools to produce their packaging. Headquartered in Gent, Belgium, Esko employs 1800 people worldwide.