The Nimbus ambulatory infusion pump can meet the needs of several ambulatory infusion applications

Zyno Solutions Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

Zyno Solutions to showcase Nimbus Ambulatory Infusion System at Immunoglobulin National Society Virtual Conference (PRNewsfoto/Zyno Solutions/PR Newswire.)

Zyno Solutions, experts in providing intelligent IV infusion systems, will feature the Nimbus Ambulatory Infusion Pump and the Z-800F Infusion Pump at this year’s Immunoglobulin National Society (IgNS) Virtual Conference on October 22-26.

The Nimbus is the latest in a robust product portfolio of IV infusion technologies from Zyno Solutions. The Nimbus electronic ambulatory infusion pump employs a sleek, cutting-edge technology; designed to be small in size, cost effective and flexible for many uses. With customizable infusion protocols and ambulatory pump programs, the Nimbus can meet the needs of several ambulatory infusion applications.

The Z-800F is built on the established reliability and durability of the Z-800 system. The Z-800F includes set based anti-free-flow protection, standard pump based free-flow-protection, the ability to program up to eight standard infusion protocols, programmable multi-step infusion parameters, upgradeable software, and an easy-to-use interface. The Z-800F was developed with input from nurses to meet the challenging reliability and durability needs of infusion centers.

The Nimbus and Z-800F operate in the US alternate care markets which have seen significant growth in areas such as infusion centers, home care and oncology care. The simplicity of use of these devices, proven durability and advanced current generation features has made them a preferred product choice.

Source: Company Press Release