Abbott’s Assert-IQ insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) has secured CE Mark in Europe for long-term monitoring and diagnostic evaluation of heart rhythms in people suffering from abnormal heartbeats.

Assert-IQ ICM is designed to detect hard-to-spot irregularities with heartbeats and help doctors select the best treatment course.

The cardiac monitor secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in May 2023. It is the latest member of Abbott’s portfolio of connected health devices designed to treat patients remotely.

The small and thin device is inserted in a minimally invasive procedure under the skin of the chest for continuous heart monitoring and arrhythmias detection using sensors.

Abbott said that individuals can return to their daily lives after insertion while the ICM monitors their heart continuously.

The Assert-IQ insertable cardiac monitor is connected to a transmitter by Bluetooth technology to check heart rhythms every 20 seconds. The patient monitoring device is designed to send findings in real-time to their clinic’s portal.

Abbott claimed that its cardiac monitor offers the longest battery life for a Bluetooth-enabled ICM.

Assert-IQ comes in two options, one with a battery life of at least three years, and the other with a battery life that is no less than six years.

The three-year option is for more conventional monitoring and the second option is intended for longer-term monitoring for those at risk of developing arrhythmias.

In addition, advanced algorithms are available in both options to identify abnormal heartbeats and deliver data that can be used clinically.

Assert-IQ ICM’s improved algorithms are said to lessen the amount of data required while boosting the device’s accuracy. This eventually improves data management and physician productivity, Abbott said.

Abbott cardiac rhythm management business chief medical officer and medical affairs divisional vice president Leonard Ganz said: “As the prevalence of abnormal heart rhythms rise, physicians increasingly rely on ICM technology to diagnosis various heart conditions.

“Introducing Assert-IQ in Europe will expand access to transformative benefits of long-term monitoring and more clinically relevant information and allow care providers to make clinical decisions faster and with more precision.”