The brand provides a solution from the harmful effects of EMF radiation from earbuds


WaveBlock launches new technology to protect against EMF Radiation. (Credit: WaveBlock.)

WaveBlock is announcing the launch of its patent-pending, proprietary products designed to protect users from potentially harmful EMF radiation waves. A 3-layer technology is at the core of its products and ensures that they have the quality and performance characteristics to accommodate the needs of any earbud user – from the studious to the extreme sports participant.

The brand’s inventor was inspired with the idea for this product as they watched their children using all types of electronic devices. Aware of the measured radiation waves emitted from cell phones and that children are more susceptible to a deeper penetration because their skulls are thinner, they set out to test earbuds for EMF radiation levels. To their surprise, they found that they, too, emit radiation. With so many doctors suggesting not placing phones to the ear, and nurseries or kindergartens limiting the use of Wi-Fi, they decided it was time to create a product that would help the “Bluetooth” generation!

A growing number of doctors have expressed their concerns about the effects of radiation, including the appearance of tumors and malignant tumors. Dr. Lisa Cook, a private practice neurologist says, “We are seeing an increase in many children and young adults with primary brain cancers. There is a public concern, especially with the younger generation who are exposed to so much media and are using earbuds for extended periods of time.” Dr. Cook goes on to say, “WaveBlock works to deflect the radiation away from your skull and ultimately your brain, decreasing exposure, so why not try it?”

The solution is subtle and chic. A wrap-around sticker is easily applied and begins working immediately. Lab testing has consistently demonstrated a drastic reduction in radiation emissions. Priced at under $30 – it is a small price to pay for an insurance policy to deflect radiation from your head. The goal of WaveBlock is to see everyone have the opportunity to experience a fantastic quality of life without eliminating things we enjoy. That’s why we always say, “Live your best life!”

Although there have been a plethora of products entering into the tech space for cell phones and laptop protection, none have addressed the explosive use of earbuds. Bluetooth may have a lesser radiation effect, but the lengthy duration of use throughout the day and significant years of use could prove harmful. A notable distinction is that the 3-layer technology used by WaveBlock actually DEFLECTS the radiation away from the head, while most technologies simply ABSORB the radiation, creating more heat.

Founded in 2020, WaveBlock creates products that are designed to help reduce the potentially harmful impact of EMF radiation waves. WaveBlock is committed to contributing to the wellness of people everywhere and has the goal of seeing everyone have the opportunity to experience a fantastic quality of life.

Source: Company Press Release