Xtremity, a premium medical device maker known for developing cutting-edge prosthetic thermoformable socket technology and the creator of the XtremityTT Socket System, today introduced its new and uniquely crafted flexible inner socket (FIS) product offering, the XtremityTT FLEX. Designed for patients with transtibial limb loss, the XtremityTT FLEX provides a more adaptive socket fit and increases patient comfort. It is compatible with the XtremityTT Socket System and other traditional laminated prosthetic socket devices.

“Since day one, Xtremity’s mission has been to provide life-changing prosthetic care by creating innovative thermoformable socket technology for transtibial limb loss patients and the clinicians that care for them,” said Maynard Carkhuff, president and chief executive officer at Xtremity. “The XtremityTT FLEX is no exception and is differentiated by its newly developed proprietary polymer—which was precision-engineered by our team to improve formability, reduce friction, minimize shrinkage and increase socket system durability. It also delivers consistency across heating, stretching and shaping during fabrication—making it an incredibly smooth process for prosthetists. It’s a truly winning product for all participants in the value chain.”

The device maker’s initial product offering, the XtremityTT Socket System, was introduced last summer as the first-ever heat-adjustable definitive transtibial prosthesis. Xtremity’s unique socket technology allows for rapid fabrication in just one-hour, seamless fittings and easy modifications that reduces the need for patients to get an entirely new socket anytime their limb goes through significant volume and shape changes.

As the company’s second prosthetic device market disruption, the XtremityTT FLEX can be rapidly fabricated with its initial novel socket system innovation for expedited patient delivery and comes in three sizes to cover the full XtremityTT Socket System range. The new FIS provides increased comfort within the prosthetic device and along the socket brim. It also easily conforms to adjustments and changes made to the outer socket shape, even as the patient’s residual limb changes. The product requires minimal lab space or equipment when fabricated with the XtremityTT Socket System and has undergone successful studies, verifying its material waste reduction and uniform wall thickness compared to that of other traditional flexible inner sockets on the market.

“The XtremityTT FLEX, like the XtremityTT Socket System before it, was designed with our patient’s comfort and valuable time in mind and we are excited to extend our latest offering to the limb loss and prosthetist community,” concluded Carkhuff.

Source: Company Press Release