The new M-Power interface, designed to improve ease-of-use for technologists, runs the MR system and offers a simple interface for the entire imaging process and also has many new enhanced efficiency tools like Ease of Use, Atlas Compass and 3D Volume Imaging applications, Toshiba America Medical Systems said.

The M-Power, which reduces the number of steps to starting a procedure improving department efficiency, has tools like Atlas Compass software and 3D Volume Imaging Applications (mVOX).

The Atlas Compass software automates coil selection and turns on the proper coil elements needed for a specific exam. Beneficial for abdominal, spine and lumbar imaging, this feature eliminates guess work in patient positioning and coil element selection.

mVOX, a volume imaging acquisition sequence, which will be available for neuro and orthopedic volume imaging applications, allows acquisition of all 3D imaging planes to be acquired at one time, streamlining the imaging process and reducing exam times.

Toshiba MR Business Unit director Stuart Clarkson said that Toshiba’s M-Power interface is the platform of the future in MR imaging with its ability to facilitate more efficient exams.

"MR technologists will have fewer steps throughout the entire procedure process from set up to imaging. As a result, patients will be more compliant and less anxious as the amount of time spent in the system is reduced," Clarkson said.