The new CE-marked multi-function Sefia platform uses a combination of continuous-flow centrifugation, temperature control and fluidic management to allow purification, concentration, washing and final formulation during cell processing.

Sefia, along with GE Healthcare’s existing portfolio, will provide single-solution manufacturing platform to enable turnkey and scalable manufacturing of cell therapies. 

Sefia features two new technologies, including CT 800.1’ kit with the A-800’ continuous flow separation chamber. It will allow to process large volumes of cellular products at a flow rate up to 10L per hour.

It also features FlexCell protocol that is designed for specific cell therapy applications. It will be used for large-volume washing of cells in the production of CAR-T therapies.

In addition, Sefia’s smart process control, temperature regulation and eight separate fluid pathways enable to carry out simple and complex manipulation of large volumes of cells at a fast processing speed.

According to GE, Sefia is a functionally-closed laboratory instrument that is designed for use in good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP)-compliant environments.

Last month, GE Healthcare aunched new five.eight healthcare accelerator program to provide financial assistance to global healthcare startups.

Under the program, the company plans to provide up to $50m to the healthcare startups to improve their healthcare quality and accessibility, as well as develop low-resource setting ranging from education and training to disruptive, low-cost technologies and digital applications.

Image:Biosafe Group has introduced new Sefia platform for use in cell therapy production process. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.