RMI develops technology to detect potentially life threatening conditions in critically ill patients, including for patients affected with trauma injuries.

Sotera Wireless CEO Tom Watlington said: "Our ViSi Mobile System is the preeminent platform for novel sensing technologies, and we are excited to venture beyond the scope of traditional patient vital signs in our effort to transform care.

"Combining the power of our platform with RMI’s novel technology will add value for customers, enable us to compete more effectively and extend our reach into military, emergency medical services and trauma markets."

The deal is said to expand Sotera’s patented technology portfolio with the addition of RMI’s FDA-cleared Mobile CareGuide technology.

The technology has been developed to measure two parameters, including muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) to determine the adequacy of tissue perfusion and muscle pH, an indication of acidosis.

Claimed to be the first body-worn vital signs monitoring platform, Sotera has developed ViSi Mobile System to measure all vital signs continuously and non-invasively with intensive care unit (ICU) level accuracy for non-ICU patients.