Developed for surgical patients to reach normothermic (normal body temperature), the new warming blankets help maintain their body temperature before, during, and after surgery and allows full access to those areas.

When the body’s temperature falls below 36°C, Unintended Perioperative Hypothermia (UPH) will occur that can result in adverse events in surgical patients.

The Snuggle Warm poncho blanket warms the patient’s back, shoulders and chest.

It features pre-opened arm and head openings, and accommodates both lithotomy and supine positions with arms extended or tucked.

The blanket can also be reversed for use before or after surgery, in a bid to warm the front of the patient’s torso as well as the shoulders and upper back.

According to the company, the blankets are made of soft, flexible and durable material and conform to patient anatomy for maximum heat retention and comfort.

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