Spring Zone Insulin Delivery System uses Intellispring technology which results in advantages such as blockage and detachment detection, environmental (pressure and temperature) adaptability and continuous insulin dose delivery check.

D Medical has developed durable and semi-disposable insulin pumps, which infuse insulin into a patient’s body, using its proprietary spring-based delivery technology.

D Medical believes that its spring- based delivery mechanism is less expensive when compared to the motor and gear train mechanisms that drive competitive insulin pumps and also allows it to incorporate certain advantageous functions and design features in its insulin pumps.

D Medical COO Hezkiah Tsoory said in addition to the 27 countries of the European Union, they believe that receipt of CE mark approval would support market registrations in other regulated countries, including the five initial target markets for our pump products – Mexico and the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China

D Medical has also developed an infusion set for insulin pumps and is focusing its research and development efforts on the development of next generation insulin pumps and a device that will combine a continuous glucose monitoring system and an insulin pump on the same patch.