EuroTec produces stoma products such as 1-piece and 2- piece ostomy systems to treat stoma patients.

Porex president and CEO William Midgette said the company strives to create innovative solutions that solve the specific challenges of healthcare customers.

"Our research scientists and engineers are dedicated to delivering breakthrough innovations that provide next generation performance for our customers’ products and better patient care," Midgette added.

EuroTec co-founder Arthur Smid said: "A common complaint of ostomates using drainable pouches with carbon filter is the bleeding of the moist content through the filter, leaving black stains in the clothing."

Porex products perform filtering, venting, wicking, and diffusing functions in applications such as arterial syringe vents, dialysis filters, and porous components for drug delivery devices.

Image: Porex membrane inside EuroTec ostomy systems. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.