Royal Philips has expanded its IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, a scalable healthcare informatics platform that allows health systems to manage the growth and cost of their clinical enterprise with a managed service and pay-per-use model.

7Feb - Philips

Image: CarolinaEast is leveraging Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition for improved workflows, communication and operational efficiencies. Photo: Courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

The platform now includes IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Oncology, IntelliSpace Genomics and interoperable clinical data sharing with IntelliSpace Exchange.

The healthcare technology provider said that it is showcasing its IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2019 annual event in Orlando, US.

With this latest expansion of IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, health systems now have access to advanced technology solutions to help reduce costs, improve patient and staff satisfaction and transform towards value-based care.

For cancer patients’ individualized diagnoses and treatment, precision medicine has a great potential. Clinicians needed effective tools to aggregate key data for a clear, intuitive view of a patient’s condition.

IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, with the latest additions, has become a solution that enables better flow of data, information enterprise management and improved care, combining Radiology, Cardiology and growing towards Precision Medicine.

Philips connected care chief business leader Carla Kriwet said: “In the constantly evolving health IT landscape, we’re dedicated to working with leading hospital organizations like CarolinaEast Health System, to provide them the most advanced technology and adaptive intelligence to manage vast amounts of patient-generated data to help drive precision diagnosis.

“With the additional capabilities of IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, clinicians at CarolinaEast have access to data from disparate sources – including integrated information within the EHR – and predictive analytics, to help drive better informed care decisions.”

CarolinaEast, an effective health system for cardiac care, is the first to collaborate with Philips for implementing IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, which began with the Philips Radiology and Cardiology portfolios.

In 2018, Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition was first implemented which showed early results of improvements in workflow, communication and operational efficiencies.

CarolinaEast Health System imaging systems administrator Mike Ciancio said: “CarolinaEast has been working with Philips for many years, and the company has always proven to be a valuable partner. With the introduction of IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, Philips has further demonstrated its commitment to our success by providing insight into best practices and the tools to help us achieve our critical goals.

“Philips has helped us identify areas for improvement so we can streamline and standardize our processes to help deliver more efficient and seamlessly integrated care.”