This agreement leverages Olympus’ innovative 3D laparoscopic imaging technology and FlexDex’s wristed needle-driver, with efficient design for intuitive control in minimally invasive procedures across many specialties. The combination technology can provide a suitable alternative to the costs and constrictions associated with a robotic investment.

The FlexDex Needle Driver simplifies suturing in difficult to reach areas of the abdomen through the use of intuitive, articulated movements and rotations. This platform technology employs an ingenious mechanical design to precisely translate the surgeon’s hand, wrist, and arm movements from outside the patient into corresponding movements of an end-effector inside the patient’s body.

FlexDex has a three-axis gimbal that attaches to the surgeon’s wrist. Once attached, it controls a series of mechanical components that translate the movement of the surgeon’s hand to the tip of the instrument.

Olympus Surgical Division Group Vice President Randy Clark said: “Combining Olympus’ expertise in minimally invasive surgery and 3D technology with FlexDex’s unique technology for handling surgical instruments – without the complexity and cost of a computer-aided robotic system – will be a game changer for physicians and patients. We are thrilled to add FlexDex to the Olympus portfolio, furthering our progress of improving patient satisfaction, decreasing costs and improving the quality of life for patients.”

FlexDex CEO James Geiger said: “FlexDex is excited to work with Olympus. With their world class sales force and advanced 3D technology and our revolutionary platform technology, we will redefine surgical robotics and bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to patients in any operating room, anytime, anywhere.

“Hospitals are constantly under pressure to reduce cost and improve patient outcomes. Using a multi-million dollar robotic system for procedures that have low margins, often associated with fixed reimbursement, can potentially further burden providers financially. FlexDex and Olympus are uniquely positioned to offer surgeons the precision and control they desire while maintaining the balance of cost, outcome and patient benefit.”

Source: Company Press Release