US-based Kyocera International has agreed to acquire major assets related to artificial joint, trauma and spinal products from Renovis Surgical Technologies for an undisclosed sum.


Image: Kyocera has agreed to acquire artificial joint, trauma and spinal products from Renovis. Photo: courtesy of rawpixel / Unsplash.

Kyocera will transfer the acquired assets to its new California-based firm called Kyocera Medical Technologies, which will be launched in March this year.

Renovis’ spine product group includes Tesera SC cervical interbody fusion system, Tesera SA stand-alone ALIF cage, S100 pedicle screw system, S128 ALIF cage and the S140 Interbody system.

The firm’s trauma product group includes T700 cannulated screw system and the T710 external fixator system, and these products can be provided with material options such as titanium alloy and high-strength, low nickel BioDur 108 stainless steel.

Established in 2009, Renovis is a provider of 3D-printed implants and developed a range of advanced products for orthopedic, neurological and trauma surgeons in the US.

Renovis has used its Tesera trabecular technology to develop and commercialize a wide range of products. The technology is an advanced implant surface structure that uses additive manufacturing.

The company has designed an advanced bearing surface technology for joint replacement products.

Renovis Tesera TLIF solutions feature Tesera trabecular technology in both traditional curved and straight formats, enabling to offer maximum intraoperative options to fit any patient anatomy.

Tesera implants are provided with porous titanium surfaces that create the optimal environment for bone on-growth and in-growth.

Kyocera is engaged in the manufacturing of medical products such as artificial joints and dental implants for the Japanese market.

Kyocera already secured 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its artificial hip joints, and has been marketing them in the US since last year.

According to Kyocera, the US orthopedic implant market totals around $20bn, representing about 60% of the global market.

Kyocera intends to expand its medical equipment business in the US via asset purchase. The newly formed company will involve in the development of advanced products through using Kyocera’s technologies and those acquired from Renovis.