The new markers, available in radiolucent and radiopaque varieties, function as reference points used by mammography technologists to identify masses, scar tissue, moles, birthmarks, nipples, or any point of interest in diagnostic mammograms.

IZI Medical claimed that, by marking the area with Mammography Indicator Markers, technologists can give radiologists who evaluate scans a way to easily identify the area of interest, resulting in a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Unlike round BBs and wires, the flat technology in Mammography Indicator Markers prevents indentation of the patient’s skin that can create question and confusion in results. The flat technology also eliminates artifacts that often appear on scans due to the use of lesser quality marking technology, therefore eliminating any need for the patient to be rescanned due to artifacts, said the company.

Helen Shafer, CEO of IZI Medical Products, said: “IZI’s flat technology advances our mammography marking products in a way that makes mammograms more comfortable for patients, and easier for healthcare professionals. The marker is of the highest quality for producing clear results, yet we are able to offer end-users very competitive pricing for small and large orders alike.

“The new lines of markers will make a big difference to our distribution network, facilities performing the mammograms, and patients who are counting on the most accurate results from their mammograms.”