Under the agreement the Gofire Inhaler and SMART Cartridges will become available to patients using concentrates in Australia and New Zealand.


Image: The Gofire Health Suite includes the IoT-enabled Gofire Inhaler with proprietary SMART Cartridges. Photo: Courtesy of Bob Williams from Pixabay.

Healthcare technology firm Gofire, an innovator of hardware and software solutions that aid in dose delivery, health tracking, and medication management, and Australia’s leading wholesaler of plant medicine have entered into an exclusive distributor relationship that will place Gofire’s innovative health technology products in pharmacies and retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Under the agreement with PharmaCann, the patented Gofire Inhaler and SMART Cartridges will become available to patients using concentrates in Australia and New Zealand, and Gofire DoseCodes will be included on all PharmaCann products, allowing patients in the two countries to accurately dose, track and monitor their usage of plant-based medicines in differentiated formats such as edible, tincture and topical.

“This agreement brings the entire Gofire health ecosystem to plant-based medicine users in Australia and New Zealand,” said Gofire CEO Peter Calfee. “As more people seek out ways to integrate alternative medicine into their health regimens, Gofire can shine a light to help guide their way by enabling the ability to precisely dose and monitor health outcomes with these products. We couldn’t be more proud to be working with the region’s leading voice for plant-based medicine to bring control and knowledge to the 24 million residents of Australia and New Zealand.”

The Australian Parliament legalized plant-based medicine in the country in 2016 and in 2018, New Zealand loosened its laws surrounding alternative medicines, allowing for much broader use. Together, the two countries constitute one of the largest markets where patients are seeking options beyond traditional pharmaceutical treatments for common conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy and PTSD.

“At PharmaCann, we are dedicated to supporting our local community and improving health outcomes by providing affordable, high-quality medicines and medical delivery systems,” said Victor Caprio, managing director and CEO of PharmaCann. “PharmaCann has successfully imported and distributed alternative medicines into the region, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring Gofire’s revolutionary products to the Australian and New Zealand medical markets. As a medical and wellbeing company, the ability to precisely dose is very important to us. And we know it’s important to our community, whom want a reliable medical device that will help them track their usage and health outcomes. We’re excited to hear from patients using Gofire throughout other regions, which allows us to learn how it’s helping them improve their lives.”

The Gofire Health Suite includes the IoT-enabled Gofire Inhaler with proprietary SMART Cartridges and the Gofire App with DoseCode technology. The Gofire Inhaler creates the first truly precise, microdose-enabled and medical-grade mechanism for the use of plant-based medicines. The Gofire App creates an environment for consumers and physicians to find plant-based medicines that work for specific ailments, while enabling true tracking and monitoring of the effectiveness of products through Gofire DoseCodes and SMART Cartridges. The soon-to-be released Gofire Inhaler is in the final stage of a 100-patient Beta Test and will be available to the public in fall 2019.

As a leader in the industry, PharmaCann is focused on ensuring that its medical and wellness product offerings are of a superior quality standard and conform to all Therapeutic Goods Frameworks across our International Network. With PharmaCann’s global Medical and Distribution network expanding rapidly, the Company is increasing its product offerings to facilitate a broader access to medicines, medical devices and wellbeing products for beneficial health care outcomes.

Source: Company Press Release.