Field Orthopaedics has formed exclusive partnership with Ortho Consulting Group for the launch of new micro screw in EMEA.


Image: Field Orthopaedics partners with Ortho Consulting Group. Photo: Courtesy of Somkiat Fakmee/

Already established in Australia, and most recently in the US, the Micro Screw is nearly set (CE registration imminent) to break into the EMEA market for the first time. Ortho Consulting Group will take full commercial responsibility for the expansion including setting the strategic direction as well as sourcing, onboarding and managing of distributors throughout the region.

Ortho Consulting Group founder Matt Woods said: “We are delighted to be managing the EMEA region for Field Orthopaedics. Field are an innovative company with its first product offering being the Micro Screw, we are looking forward to a long partnership with Field.”

Ortho Consulting Group export head Andrew Dubowski said: “It is very exciting to be able to offer such a small screw (1.5mm) with a cannulation that is still rigid and effective at fracture fixation. This differentiation truly offers the surgeon an excellent and elegant solution to small bone fractures. I genuinely feel it can stand out in what is a crowed space.”

Field Orthopaedics CEO, Chris Jefferys said: “Field Orthopaedics is excited to work within the experienced team at Ortho Consulting Group and expand the Micro Screw range into EMEA. We have the full confidence in OCG’s ability to capture the market for the Micro Screw and many more to come.”

Source: Company Press Release