Laboratoires Théa will use its expertise to develop and market advanced therapeutic solutions in ophthalmology, while EVEON its Intuity Mix platform


EVEON and Laboratoires Théa enter into partnership. (Credit: fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay.)

Medical devices and equipment firm EVEON has partnered with the Laboratoires Théa, a pharmaceutical firm focused on ophthalmology, for the development of advanced medical technology.

Under the partnership, Laboratoires Théa will contribute its expertise and capacity to develop and market advanced therapeutic solutions in ophthalmology.

Specialised in automated, secure, digital medical devices, EVEON is expected to undertake the development of medical devices that address needs of Théa, based on its platforms including Intuity Mix.

EVEON’s Intuity Mix platform provides a fully automated alternative for developing complex drugs, in lyophilised or powder formulations, viscous, mixed therapies, suspensions.

Laboratoires Théa president Jean-Frédéric Chibret said: “We are delighted to be able to join forces with EVEON. This partnership is part of our continued commitment in favour of innovative solutions for the care of eye disorders.

“Connected medical devices are a revolution that must be made available to eyecare professionals for the greater benefit of their patients.”

The automated medical technology aims to reduce the number of steps involved, need for product handling, and ensures the homogeneity of the drug.

According to the companies, medical devices are expected to hold a large share in the advanced therapeutic solutions offered to patients and healthcare professionals in future.

The partnership is expected to deliver preparations that are safe, reliable, and reproducible to healthcare professional or patients alike, and devices capable of integrating connectivity functions, with improved compliance, recording and transmission of data.

EVEON CEO Vincent Tempelaere said: “This joint endeavour with Théa Open Innovation is a pledge of confidence and commitment.

“We are proud to contribute together to the development of new-generation devices that respond to the challenges of modern medicine, which seeks to become more personalized, more responsive to each patient’s needs.”