Clarius Mobile Health has introduced a new collective intelligence ultrasound platform for physicians and researchers.


Image: The Clarius AI solution focuses on data and image quality. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Clarius Mobile Health Corp.

The new Clarius AI solution, which focuses on data and image quality and ease of data collection, is a collaborative platform that allows physicians and researchers to label and amplify acquired images.

Clarius innovation director Reza Zahiri said: “One of the most challenging aspects of AI in healthcare is the ability to capture quality data that focuses on specific clinical needs.

“We’re accelerating AI development by making it easy to acquire and label large amounts of data with our scanners and cloud platform.”

Created by medical experts, the labeled data can be incorporated into various AI frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch for training.

The trained models can be deployed as clinical solutions for the Clarius app and Clarius Cloud. They are available to medical experts across the globe.

Clarius has leveraged and developed significant technologies to operate AI algorithms in real-time, enabling users to simply download an updated app and get access to new AI features.

Clarius AI platform can be used by any clinical research group or medical professional for the development of their own AI tools.

The system is said to enable the collective intelligence of clinicians, researchers and industry to solve complex clinical problems, and provides AI solutions to a growing demographic of ultrasound users.

Clarius research and development vice president Kris Dickie said: “It’s a big step forward to be able to acquire and manage massive amounts of data.

“We’ve started internal projects and partnerships with key collaborators in radiology and point-of-care medicine to build these new tools.”

Clarius Mobile Health has developed portable ultrasound scanners, which can connect wirelessly to iOS and Android devices.

Clarius noted that its scanners provide high-resolution ultrasound images compared to traditional point-of-care systems.

The C3 and L7 Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners will enable clinicians to carry out quick scans and guide short procedures at the bedside.