Carbon, a 3D printing technology company, has introduced its Automatic Operation (AO) suite of solutions for dental lab automation.

The advanced automation solutions are designed to improve lab efficiency and automation by specifically meeting the requirements of dental labs.

According to Carbon, labs can use the company’s accuracy and efficiency by incorporating the AO suite into their workflows. The solutions also decrease labour costs and print turnaround times.

The AO suite includes an Automatic Print Preparation tool that automates the end-to-end process of preparing model print projects.

A part of Carbon’s software range, this tool is said to significantly save time and reduce labour. It is available to be paired with other products in the AO suite, or on its own with other Carbon hardware.

The second solution is the AO Backpack tool which reduces manpower needed to operate the M3 printer and allows for up to 14 hours of automated printing and part removal process.

An addition to Carbon printers, AO Backpack also allows for overnight production. The tool takes less than five minutes to complete a print and is comparable to some of the human-staffed print turnover times seen.

The AO suite also includes an AO Polishing Cassette that uses advanced light scattering technology to allow automated surface smoothing.

This helps to achieve glossy surfaces without manual polishing, the product development and manufacturing technology company said.

Additionally, Carbon’s polishing cassette shortens the post-print processing time and improves the print quality of dental products produced using carbon.

Carbon CEO and co-founder Phil DeSimone said: “The launch of our Automatic Operation suite marks a pivotal step on our journey to elevate the dental lab industry.

“These innovative solutions embody our ongoing mission to deliver technology that not only meets the current needs of labs but is built on the idea of continued innovation across the additive manufacturing industry.”