The compact heart failure monitoring systems collects and transmits vital signs information directly into a database engaging the patients through personalized daily interactions and questions. Remotely located medical professionals will monitor the abnormal readings that may signal a change in the patient’s health status. The treating physician or nurse will be reported back with these changes. Data from a range of monitoring devices such as weight scales and blood pressure monitors will be collected by the monitor. Health care team will detect signs and symptoms of change as they occur through the regular data input and monitoring of heart failure patients. Bioheart 3370 reduces re-hospitalizations, cost and provides better patient outcomes.

Working closely with leading heart failure physicians Bioheart designed the best possible program for patients. We believe our heart failure monitoring program is best-in-class and that it will lead to improved patient care and a substantial reduction of costs to the healthcare system, said Howard J. Leonhardt, the companies Chief Executive Officer. We have developed a proactive patient care strategy based on the early recognition of symptoms and early intervention before things progress to a hospitalization.