Hothead Technologies has executed an agreement with Shafer Medical Devices, a division of Shafer Enterprises, to develop and distribute a medical application of the Heat Observation Technology (HOT) System that supports the Shafer Medical Devices Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad in managing normothermia patients, during pre-op, surgery, and post op.

The HOT System, created by Hothead Technologies, wirelessly monitors body temperature, sending warning signals if the individual’s temperature goes above or below a pre-determined threshold. The HOT System is the detection component for the medical solution.

Shafer Enterprises, manufactures personal cooling systems for a variety of applications including the Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad that keeps a person’s body temperature at a safe level to prevent them from overheating or becoming too cold. Together the system is called SafeTemp, a normothermia monitoring and management system.

By integrating the HOT System with the Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad solution, medical staff will have the ability to monitor multiple subjects to maintain optimum body temperatures, which may reduce the risk of post-surgical infections. Staff can view any patient’s temperature from a wireless handheld personal digital assistant (PDA), and if temperature increases or decreases, the HOT system can send a wireless command to the Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad to adjust the temperature to maintain normothermia.

The companies said that the Hothead and Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad solution has proven to be successful in early trials. The sensor has not been affected by other electronic devices, does not add to the clutter of wire cords, and does not interfere with medical equipment. The SafeTemp is currently in prototype stage and will go through further research and testing over the next several months.

The SafeTemp unit can be used for all your temperature monitoring applications throughout a medical facility from ambulatory to ICU.

Jay Buckalew, CEO of Hothead Technologies, said: “We are excited about the opportunity to use our HOT System as a device that can serve the medical community in its task to keep normothermia manageable. The partnership with Shafer Enterprises is one that we’ve worked on for some time and are glad to see the two companies join forces in this ground breaking solution.”