The agreement is aimed to reduce ArtVentive’s development time to deliver products for clinical studies and commercialization.

The companies said that the Endoluminal Occlusion Device (EOS) prototypes were produced prior to entering into the agreement with Medical Murray to demonstrate the device’s dimensional properties and functionality.

The new series of functional prototypes comprise of a combination of an implant scaffold with a polymeric cover and a delivery catheter that has been under development for the upcoming series of animal studies.

ArtVentive Medical Group president Jim Graham said that this arrangement will significantly enhance their ability to bring products to markets swiftly while maintaining tight controls on manufacturing, research and development and are pleased to have signed an agreement with such a world class organization.

Headquartered in San Marcos, California, ArtVentive Medical Group is a multi-faceted medical device company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing a family of endoluminal occlusion devices (EOS).