The AYOXXA Reader AR01 expands the technology platform to offer researchers a complete, flexible and user-friendly system for multiprotein analysis. The device was approved for routine laboratory work use in biomedical research.

The instrument allows the fluorescence-based readout of a LUNARIS™ Multiplex assay with up to 384 samples on a microtiter plate format in less than one hour.

Readout is fully automated using a self-developed control software which complements the already available analysis solution. The latter application processes the acquired data for easy, streamlined biomarker quantification and detailed reporting.

“With Märzhäuser, we are pleased to have found a development and manufacturing partner for the AYOXXA Reader AR01 that has a solid international reputation based on high competence and quality standards,” comments Dr. Andreas Schmidt, CEO of AYOXXA.

 “Our close collaboration has facilitated the quick and efficient development of a very important element of our technology platform.”                   

“Working with AYOXXA allowed us to apply our precise micro-positioning systems and controllers, as well as the know-how in microscopy for the development of innovative analysis systems,” comments Günter Märzhäuser, an Executive Director of Märzhäuser Wetzlar GmbH & Co. KG. “As a result, we are driving the development of sustainable future markets.”

AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH is an international biotech company based in Cologne (Germany) with offices in Boston (USA) and Singapore. LUNARIS™ is AYOXXA’s innovative, patented beads-on-a-chip technology platform to analyze picogram amounts of multiple biomarkers in biological samples.   

It delivers a high-quality immune-assay for sample volumes down to single-digit microliter, greatly expanding the types and number of samples from which scientists can gain insights.

AYOXXA opens protein multiplexing opportunities to biomedicine, all the way from basic research to clinic and translational discoveries covering ophthalmology, mouse-to-man and immuno-oncology applications.

AYOXXA commercializes a portfolio of ready-to-use biomarker detection kits, e.g. LUNARIS™ Human & Mouse 6 & 12-Plex Cytokine Kits. With the introduction of AYOXXA Reader AR01, the company now offers a fully integrated solution for LUNARIS™ multiprotein analysis.

As a worldwide market-leading original equipment manufacturer, Märzhäuser develops and manufactures manual and motor driven micro-positioning systems for microscopy appliances.

In close cooperation with leading microscope manufacturers, universities and research institutes we develop tailor-made and innovative systems, which enable microscope users to work precisely and ergonomically.

 The product range includes microscope und measuring stages, micromanipulators, controllers and operating systems as well as innovative systems for automated handling of a large variety of different samples.