Exonhit AclarusDx, a micro-array-based test, is used to detect biomarkers specific for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in peripheral blood.

Almac will performs this test in its ISO17025 accredited laboratory and will deliver the AclarusDx result to clinicians.

Almac will deliver a range of validated biomarker assays from its Clinical Testing Laboratory to facilitate the stratification and enrichment of prospective clinical trials.

Almac’s Diagnostics business president and MD Paul Harkin said Exonhit will focus on the sales and marketing of AclarusDx while they will focus on the delivery of the diagnostic in their ISO17025 certified laboratory.

Exonhit Management Board chairman Loic Maurel said they also view the location of Almac Diagnostics in Northern Ireland as an asset for the upcoming roll-out of AclarusDx in Europe.