Medical technology firm Hologic has completed the acquisition of Finnish-French molecular diagnostic solutions provider Mobidiag for an enterprise value of around $808m.

Mobidiag develops and markets near-patient, molecular diagnostic instruments and tests for gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, antimicrobial resistance management and healthcare-associated infections, as well as sepsis.

The Amplidiag and Novodiag testing platforms hold the potential to offer results in 50 minutes to two hours.

Novodiag is a fully automated platform that facilitates immediate detection of infectious diseases directly from a single-use cartridge.

Novodiag platform integrates real-time PCR with microarray capabilities to deliver efficient multiplexing, which enables to detection of multiple pathogens in a single sample.

It will also help streamline workflows for laboratories, as well as offer rapid results to physicians.

Novodiag test cartridges consist of Novodiag C. difficile, Novodiag Bacterial GE+, Novodiag CarbaR+, Novodiag stool parasites and Novodiag Covid-19.

Amplidiag is a portfolio of diagnostic tests for mid to high-volume screening (batch testing) of infectious diseases.

Amplidiag test kits include Amplidiag H. pylori+ClariR, Amplidiag Viral GE, Amplidiag CarbaR+VRE, Amplidiag CarbaR+MCR, Amplidiag stool parasites, Amplidiag Bacterial GE, Amplidiag C. difficile+027, Amplidiag Covid-19 and Amplidiag RESP-4.

Hologic international group president Jan Verstreken said: “Closing the acquisition of Mobidiag enables us to become a broader, more diversified global diagnostics leader.

“Together, we can accelerate development and adoption of Mobidiag’s innovative products globally and drive Hologic’s growth.”

In March this year, Hologic acquired Diagenode, which develops and manufactures molecular diagnostic assays and epigenetics products.