During open-heart surgery procedures requiring cardiopulmonary bypass, the heating and cooling system is used to control and manage the patient’s body temperature by cooling and re-warming blood during the different phases of surgery, through the oxygenator system, and to cool the cardioplegia solution delivered to achieve the patient’s myocardial protection.

Different re-warming strategies have been associated with postoperative neurocognitive function in adult patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Precise temperature control during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures may contribute to decrease morbidity after coronary revascularization and to lower the risk of postoperative impairment of the neurocognitive function, thus improving patient outcome.

A simple, display-guided disinfection procedure, which includes a reminder function, reduces operator time and provides maximum protection against bacteria. The new process takes only 35 minutes operator time once every 14 days.

The safe and effective, display-guided procedure eliminates the risk for errors. Streamlining the disinfection process maximizes safety for the patients against infections and reduces the time dedicated to disinfection, helping decrease the overall cost of care for hospitals.

"FlexTherm guided disinfection procedure is a huge improvement versus the previous generation 3T heater-cooler system: it is easier and faster for clinicians. It saves operator’s time, reduces hospital costs and resource utilization and, even more important, it minimizes the risk of errors and provides reminders on how to conduct disinfection for the safety of our patients," said Dr. Dirk Buchwald, Chief of Cardiovascular Perfusion at Bergmannsheil University Hospital in Bochum, Germany, after using FlexTherm for the first time.

FlexTherm is equipped with three water tanks, each with a different temperature setting, allocated to three independent water circuits. This design enables superior temperature control and maximum flexibility for use in various simultaneous applications.

Precise water flow measurement ensures efficacy and increased control in energy transfer when heating and cooling the patient.
FlexTherm is the latest addition to the Sorin HeartLink System, the first automatically integrated perfusion management system designed for improved patient outcomes, increased clinical efficacy and Goal-

Directed Perfusion, built on the world-leading Sorin S5 perfusion system. It links to the Sorin Connect data management system, which automatically collects, monitors, and records the heating and cooling process during the intervention for complete traceability and data management.

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