Medtronic Canada has secured a licence from the Health Canada for its MiniMed 630G system with SmartGuard technology for people with diabetes mellitus.

The system features a new insulin pump hardware platform and full-colour screen that supports easy navigation and enables increased customization with more intuitive menus.

The new pump platform incorporates continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and SmartGuard technology, which will activate an alarm when the CGM sensor glucose level reaches a preset low limit and suspends insulin delivery if the user is unresponsive to the alarm.

SmartGuard technology is claimed to be only system that will reduce the frequency of nighttime low episodes by a third.

According to the company, the data from ASPIRE in-home study showed that SmartGuard technology not only reduces the number of low events2 per week by 30% but also decreases the length/intensity of those events at night by 37.5 % without increasing A1C.

Medtronic Canada diabetes and consumer care director Laura Cameron said: “We are excited to announce the launch of the MiniMed 630G system for Canadians living with diabetes. 

“This latest innovation is a step towards Medtronic’s vision of transforming diabetes care and our commitment to providing improved outcomes and an improved user experience for our customers.”

With around 1,600 employees, Medtronic Canada provides products and services to physicians, hospitals and patients across the country.

Image: Medtronic has secured Health Canada approval for MiniMed 630G system with SmartGuard technology. Photo: courtesy of Medtronic.