Aptar Pharma, a business unit of AptarGroup, has acquired US-based digital respiratory health company Cohero Health for an undisclosed sum.

Based in New York, Cohero Health offers respiratory disease management solutions for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

Established in 2013, Cohero Health mainly focuses on the development of advanced digital tools and technologies to enhance respiratory care and optimise medication utilisation, as well as minimise avoidable costs.

Cohero Health CEO Joe Condurso said: “Building on our robust platform and rich innovations, we expect this combination to position us to lead the way in delivering on our joint vision, developing digital therapeutics that provide patients a better future and bring our customers stability and greater breadth of digital tools, actionable data, services and solutions.”

Details of Cohero Health’s assets acquired by Aptar Pharma

Under the deal, Aptar Pharma has purchased Cohero Health’s digital health platform and device assets that comprise BreatheSmart connect digital health platform, BreatheSmart app, HeroTracker sensors, as well as Spirometer and cSpirometer lung function diagnostic sensors.

BreatheSmart Connect is a care coordination and HIPAA-compliant SaaS cloud service that allows remote monitoring and patient communications by capturing and storing data from CoheroHealth’s devices and BreatheSmart software. 

BreatheSmart app offers real-time tracking of medication adherence and lung function, in addition to reminders, educational materials and symptom/trigger recording.

HeroTracker is a Bluetooth enabled medication smart inhaler sensor that will help control and rescue medications. It attaches to respiratory medications to automatically record the time and date of doses taken.

In addition, mSpirometer and cSpirometer lung function diagnostic sensors facilitate comprehensive pulmonary lung function testing in a handheld wireless device.

Aptar Pharma president Gael Touya said: “The combination of Aptar and Cohero Health will bring additional value to our pharmaceutical customers as they seek to put more life-changing respiratory treatments and tools into the hands of empowered patients.”

In January this year, Aptar Pharma collaborated with Lupin to launch a connected device for respiratory disease in India.