Zephyrus Innovations has announced that its Aeroject 3ml safety syringe has received the first product 510(k) marketing approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Aeroject is a single-use auto-retractable syringe designed for one-handed injection.

The Canadian medical device company has designed the Aeroject 3ml safety syringe as the first device in a generation of safety syringes.

The ultra-low wasted space syringe is said to enable physicians to administer maximum number of doses per vial, which in turn reduces the cost involved.

According to Zephyrus, the needle system has an internal mechanism for retracting the needle inside the syringe upon activation.

The syringe activates when the forward plunger movement punctures the propellant gas cell inside the needle assembly and starts the needle retraction. It has an ultra-smooth retraction process to improve the patient experience.

When the needle is retracted, it is completely enclosed inside the syringe plunger, which prevents reusing the needle and syringe, the medical device company said.

It also offers safety from accidental needlestick injuries during handling and disposal.

Zephyrus CEO Guy Reynolds said: “Our innovative, next generation retractable device, helps with stopping exposure to potentially harmful needlestick injuries, lowering the risk of exposure to potential transmission of bloodborne pathogens, truly bringing real benefits to patients, clinicians and healthcare providers alike, in a currently underserved high risk environment.

“We are passionate about meeting the high safety standards that the industry expects and with significant market growth anticipated in the coming years, we are well positioned to support healthcare professionals across the board.”

Zephyrus said that its syringes are meant for general medical use in healthcare facilities by medical professionals for paediatric and adult patients for aspiration as well as fluid injection.