Joline Medical and Joline has announced that the companies have performed the first United States case utilizing Joline’s Stop’n GO Double Balloon Catheter (Quattroplasty) products to treat vertebral compression fractures. The initial case was performed by Dr. John Morrison, Neurosurgeon of Delray Beach, FL.

The Stop’n GO Double Balloon Catheter (Quattroplasty) and accompanying specialized instrumentation are FDA approved and available to physicians and their patients in the United States.

“Quattroplasty is a significant step forward in the available treatment options for vertebral compression fractures. For the first time ever, I was able to precisely remodel and truly restore the vertebral body achieving the best implant outcome for my patient. Having the ability to control four individual balloons inside the vertebral body made all the difference,” said Dr. John Morrison.

Trauma, osteoporosis, and cancer are common causes of vertebral compression fractures.  Quattroplasty is a unique double balloon catheter with precise dialed-in expansion – a revolution in kyphoplasty procedures. The Stop’n GO Double Balloon Catheter allows expansion of up to 4 balloons within a single vertebra. Each balloon’s pressure level and volume can be controlled independently, providing for precise placement, greater control of the intended height expansion zone, and may increase safety.

“We are thrilled to offer to the healthcare community the latest innovation in addressing the debilitating pain caused by vertebral compression fractures. We believe Quattroplasty  is a next generation advancement in treating these vertebral fractures and will become a standard of care in kyphoplasty procedures,” said Dwayne Montgomery, Joline Medical President and CEO. “Dr. Morrison is a very well-respected thought leader in addressing neurological spine issues and is focused on utilizing advances in technology for his patients. Joline is very proud to have him be the first physician in the US to utilize the Quattroplasty system. We believe these innovations will significantly benefit physicians and their patients.”

Source: Company Press Release