UK-based Primerdesign has introduced new real-time PCR instrument, genesig q16, which has been designed to allow DNA testing for everyone and anywhere.


The genesig q16 will accompany their catalogue of around 400 applied DNA testing kits, which allows DNA testing available to the wide market.

According to the company, the q16 offers reproducible results in just around two hours when compared with traditional methods that normally take several days to produce results.

The q16 automates post-experiment analysis, which makes it accessible to anyone in different settings.

Primerdesign managing director Jim Wicks said: "Our main objective was to ensure that process was accessible for everyone, with the q16 and associated genesig Easy kits I believe that just about anyone can do Real-Time PCR."

Available at a price of £3995 ($6500), the new PCR instrument’s modern technology enables better operation, while its high component tolerances provide rapid thermal-cycling rates.

Primerdesign, which was a spinoff company from the University of Southampton, has also developed genesig pathogen and disease testing kits, as well as detection kit for H1N1 swine flu.

Image: Primerdesign has launched new Real-Time PCR instrument genesig q16. Photo: courtesy of Primerdesign Ltd.