Italy-based ophthalmic company SIFI has rolled out its novel medical device SYNFO, for the treatment of dry eyes disease.

Being the latest addition to the company’s dry eye portfolio, SYNFO is commercialised as Hyalistil SYNFO in Italy and Lubristil SYNFO in Romania, with plans to roll out in other countries as Eyestil SYNFO soon.

As a synergistic blend of two polymers sodium hyaluronate and xanthan gum, and two osmoprotectants, betaine and glycine, the new hypotonic formulation provides moisturising and lubricating.

SIFI business and portfolio development director Maria Grazia Mazzone said: “We developed a new formulation able to work synergistically with osmoprotectants to restore homeostasis and reduce proinflammatory activated genes in dry eye conditions, when oxidative and hyperosmolar stresses are present on the ocular surface.

“This was confirmed in pre-clinical data and promising initial feedback by patients using SYNFO, who reported rapid and lasting relief in signs and symptoms.

“Thanks to the optimal ratio between the two polymers and its high pseudoplasticity, the new formulation appears to be retained longer and more comfortably on the ocular surface with no blurred vision in more than 90% of those early users.”

SIFI designed SYNFO to compensate the tear instability and restore tear health

According to the company, dry eye disease is a frequent cause of patient visits to eye care practitioners and is a global unmet need affecting more than 344 million people globally.

The disease makes it more difficult for patients to perform their everyday activities for longer periods of time, and potentially decreases their tolerance for dry environments.

Increase in use of digital tools, and extensive use of face mask, which is essential in fighting the spread of Covid-19, is often associated to dry eye (mask associated dry eye).

The company said that its SYNFO is designed to address the tear instability, restore volume and ocular surface health of the tears, along with antioxidant and osmo-protective properties.

SIFI is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and commercialising advanced therapeutic solutions for patients with ophthalmic conditions.

The company claimed that it exports treatments to more than 20 countries across the globe, and has direct presence in Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Mexico and Turkey.

SIFI chairman and CEO Fabrizio Chines said: “SIFI was a pioneer in the 1980’s introducing sodium hyaluronate as a treatment for the ocular surface and continued to innovate with our proprietary xantham gum platform.

“SYNFO, representing another evidence of our long-standing commitment to dry eye, combines the benefits of those technologies and osmoprotectants in a single product.”