A Scottish company, Jomarg Innovation Ltd, has just launched an Indiegogo Campaign this month, featuring its one-of-a-kind, patented, foot exercise and strengthening system. The Novabow System, is a ground-breaking device packed with innovative technology that allows the foot muscles to be strengthened and foot tissues mobilized, in ways that have not been possible before now.

Most people who wear modern shoes have feet which only operate at 50-60% of their natural strength levels. Correcting this weakness can improve an athlete’s performance and help people avoid injury. Astonishingly, a recent study showed that strengthening the foot can reduce the risk of running injuries by more than half.

The Novabow System has been the subject of a scientific study at Edinburgh Napier University where it was proven to effectively strengthen the foot, and a second pilot study at Stirling University demonstrated that the patented Novabow also exercises vital muscles around the ankle such as the tibialis anterior muscle which is found at the front of the shin.

Furthermore, the Novabow has been trialled by Olympian, Chris Bennett. Chris, a hammer thrower, and a very powerful athlete was suffering from chronic pain in his knees and his lower back. After using the device this pain was eliminated but then returned when he stopped using the device. He started using it again, the pain went, and he has used it daily ever since.

The Novabow has also been trialled by Charlie Fox, a professional footballer. Charlie had always suffered from painful feet and ankles but found the Novabow a revelation.

“I have always struggled with foot and ankle pain as a result of the demands of my sport. I never used to condition these areas, I had always thought calf-raises and single leg balance work would be enough. After suffering a fracture in my foot last season, Gerry gave me a Novabow to try. The difference has amazed me. My feet feel so much stronger and more robust. The chronic pain in my ankles and calf muscles has now subsided”   ( Charlie Fox, professional footballer)

As well as helping to prevent injury through its unique strengthening method the Novabow system also includes a new, patent pending, stretching and mobility feature.

The foot has 26 bones, and these must be able to move relative to each other for the foot to work properly. Several conditions can cause foot mobility to be reduced which stops the foot moving properly and using the Novabow can help restore this mobility.

Simple to use even whilst seated watching TV, lightweight, easy to store and transport… the Novabow is an ideal tool for prehab, rehab, improved performance, and injury prevention.

Future research may look at the Novabow as a tool for helping to treat the diabetic foot since studies have shown that supervised foot exercises can help reverse diabetes related foot weakness, neuropathy, and circulatory problems.

Source: Company Press Release